How Many Different Gundam Models Are There?

With many varieties of Gundam models, you might start to see that there are lots of these plastic kits with different sizes, designs, etc. On Bandai’s 35th anniversary, they specifically said that they have 2,000 different Gundam models. However, with the variety of releases ever since, we can say that there are now more than 2,000 different types of Gundam models around. But how many? How many models do they release each year? That’s what we will discuss in this post.

There are 2,300 different Gundam model kits divided into different types, such as their line or grade. Each of these models has distinct characteristics such as color, decals, size, accessories, etc. Generally speaking, there are about 30-40 new Gundam model releases every year.

This blog post will give an introduction to Gundam models. Furthermore, we will discuss how many Gundam model kits are released and how many new models are released every year. Lastly, we will discuss the types of Gundam as we will need them to introduce these models properly.

How Many Different Gundam Models Are There?

How many Gundam kits are there?

As of 2022, there are about 2,300 different Gundam models, with 30-40 new models being released each year. These new models might be the same old models but with little variations, the same model but on a different grade, or a totally new Gundam model.

The amount of available Gundam models makes it one of the most popular model kits in the world.

In fact, Bandai specifically said in 2020 that they had sold more than 500 million model kits worldwide since its humble start in 1980.

Gundam models are called Gunpla, which stands for Gundam Plastic Models. Most of these models are still made with plastics such as polypropylene, polystyrene, and ABS.

Since Bandai has always been looking for ways to improve the detail of their models, they have started to use other materials which remove the limitation of plastics.

Some rare Gundam models used metals to give them a more realistic and solid look.

However, Bandai is now experimenting with Resin which provides better detail than plastic models. The resin casting technique particularly uses polyurethane, but most fans would call this Resin Gundam model.

Resin casting provided better detail than ordinary plastic models, and it might be the future of Gundam models for many reasons.

One of which is that more and more people are against plastics, and using Resin would solve this issue.

Furthermore, resins give more detail, especially on tight curves and grooves.

However, Resin isn’t cheap. That’s why while it provided better detail, most Gundam models are still using plastics.

What separated Gundam model kits from other models is that Gundam models are constantly improving and active in their community.

For example, if you compare a 1980s Gundam model to the recent Gundam models, we can see improvements in the model’s detail.

Basically, Bandai would improve their models as long as technology allows them to do so.

Another is that they are active in the Gunpla community hosting events to introduce more people to the hobby.

For example, multiple Gundam workshops are hosted in numerous places worldwide, and they encourage people to come since they usually provide free Gundam models at the event.

Furthermore, they also appreciate experienced modelers, such as when they hosted a custom event where they encouraged modelers to make their own models.

One of the things I can’t forget is how in awe I felt when I saw the product of the champion from Indonesia at that time, where he showed his custom-made Wing Zero.

These are many reasons why Gundam models are constantly evolving as they listen to their community.

As a result, they have released about 2,300 different Gundam models since the start.

Furthermore, they have sold more than 500 million different Gundam models worldwide with fans across multiple regions across the globe.

One question you might start asking if you also want to try the hobby is how would you choose between 2,300 models?

Well, the good thing is that these Gundam models are usually divided into types depending on your preference.

I will introduce the types based on their line and grade for this post.

What are the different types of Gundams?

There are many types of Gundams depending on their line or type you see on TVs, such as Gundam, Gundam Mk-II, Z Gundam, ΖΖ Gundam, Victory Gundam, Victory 2 Gundam, Shining Gundam, God Gundam, Wing Gundam, Wing Gundam Zero, Gundam X, Gundam Double X, ∀ Gundam, Strike Gundam, Freedom Gundam, etc.

Gundam models are usually divided according to grades: High Grade, Real Grade, Master Grade, Perfect Grade, First Grade, Entry Grade, SD grade, and Speed Grade.

Here are the different types of Gundam as seen in their TV series.

  1. Gundam RX-78-2
  2. Gundam Mk-II
  3. Z Gundam
  4. ΖΖ Gundam
  5. Victory Gundam
  6. Victory 2 Gundam
  7. Shining Gundam
  8. God Gundam
  9. Wing Gundam
  10. Wing Gundam Zero
  11. Gundam X
  12. Gundam Double X
  13. ∀ Gundam
  14. Strike Gundam
  15. Freedom Gundam
  16. Impulse Gundam
  17. Destiny Gundam
  18. Strike Freedom Gundam
  19. Gundam Exia
  20. 00 Gundam
  21. Gundam AGE-1
  22. Gundam AGE-2
  23. Gundam AGE-3
  24. Gundam AGE-FX
  25. Gundam G-Self
  26. Gundam Barbatos

As you can see, the Gundams from the TV series itself already has many varieties. However, I didn’t include the Gundams you can only see on OVAs, Movies, or Games.

For example, the Gundam is the first Gundam you’ve probably seen in episode 1. It is also famous for its two beam sabers that can expand into a spear-like beam.

Based on the movies, its weight is about 43.4 metric tons and can move up to 165 km/h or 102mph.

Another one I would like to introduce is Wing Gundam.

Wing Gundam’s primary characteristic is its wings. They are made for flight. They are also seen in episode 1 and multiple Gundam games such as Endless duel and Battle Assault.

Here is my photo together with a PG Wing Gundam.

my Photo with PG Wing Gundam
Me with a PG Wing Gundam

As you can see, each of these Gundams is unique in its own way and is the reason why there are thousands of different Gundam models circulated the globe.

Furthermore, these Gundams can be available in different grades such as HG, MG, SD, etc.

I can’t give a complete explanation for these grades right now since the post is already long, but they are basically the scale of the models.

For example, PG is usually the most detailed, and they are generally on the 1/60 scale.

HG is the best for beginners since they are not that expensive but not that detailed. These are usually on the 1/144 scale.

I will make a blog post discussing each of these grades soon, So stay tuned.

As you can see, while there are 2,300 different Gundam models, they can be divided into grades and types, which makes it less confusing.

For example, the photo I shared above is a PG Wing Gundam. That way, identifying them is not as hard as somebody thinks.

What’s next? Are Gundam models becoming more popular or is it in a decline? What is the current trend of Gundam and what do we expect from them in the future? If you are interested in that topic, feel free to check this post: Is Gunpla still Popular?

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