The Best Mercedes Benz Diecast Model Cars You can Buy

What are the best Mercedes Benz Car Diecast Model on the 1:24 and Other Scales

In my last article, I have picked the top Mercedes Benz car diecast models on the 1:18 scale, there are more others scales to consider and if you do not like the 1:18 scale because it is too small or too big, this is the article for you. If you haven’t seen my article on the 1:18 scale, there is a link for it further into this article.

Based on our search for the best Mercedes Benz Car Models, we have found out that the best ones available in the market are the following, the list is made by checking out a lot of criteria which is also introduced later in the article. I am sure that you will find at least one of them perfect for your collection.

  1. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
  2. Mercedes-Benz 300SL
  3. Mercedes-Benz SLK
  4. Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG
  5. Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG
  6. Mercedes-Benz G-Class G63
  7. Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

More details on why they are the best down below. Make sure to them out!


Mercedes Benz Car Diecast Model


1:18 Mercedes-Benz Models

I have placed 1:18 Mercedes-Benz car models on a separate article because there were so many to choose from. Even I had a hard time in choosing which cars to choose. Also, since it has a very great history, there are many Mercedes cars to choose if I put all the scales in a single article. So I broke them down into two, the 1:18 models, and the other scales which is in this article

If you want to check out the 1:18 Mercedes Benz models and other car models in this article, I will provide a link to them down in below. Feel free to check them if you are interested.


Other Scales

1. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLarenMercedes Benz McLaren

  • Car Model: Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
  • Size: 17 x 8.9 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 5.8 poundss
  • Model Produced by: Motormax
  • Model Number: 73004
  • Reason to Buy: Design, History
  • Scale: 1:12

This is actually the biggest model in this series since it is a 1:12 scale, perfect for collectors like you.

The Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren is a product of Mercedes-Benz in cooperation with McLaren, its design was first introduced in 1999 in the North American International Auto show, SLR stands for “Sports Light Racing” which characterize this car as a sports car.

It was sold between 2003-2010, and the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR as this car’s inspiration.

The car has a 5.4L V8 engine capable of producing 617 hp at 5,000 RPM. It uses AMG speed shift 5 shift gearboxes, it didn’t use the 7 speed gearbox for durability purposes.

This car is good as it is an inspiration for Mercedes to create a car with over 5.0L engine and their dream of SLR since the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR, that’s why they tandem with McLaren for this. This is definitely part of M-B’s History. Check it out!

Mercedes-Benz 300SLMercedes Benz 300SL

  • Car Model: Mercedes-Benz 300SL
  • Size: 12.3 x 7 x 4.3 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Model Produced by: Bburago
  • Model Number: 18-22023
  • Reason to Buy: Vintage Design, History, Legacy
  • Scale: 1:24

Mercedes-Benz 300SL is actually one of the most successful cars made by Mercedes-Benz. This is considered as the fastest car of its time and has amazing design such as its gull-wings. This is actually Mercedes’ gamble to the market by introducing a toned-down version Grand prix car for enthusiast. Despite this risk, this is considered as one of the most successful cars in Mercedes-Benz’s History,

Immediately successful and today iconic, the 300 SL stood alone with its distinctive doors, first-ever production fuel injection, and world’s fastest top speed.

Today, the 300 SL with its gull wing doors, technological firsts, and low production numbers is considered one of the most collectible Mercedes-Benz models, with prices generally in the US$1,000,000–2,500,000 range. Sports Car International magazine even ranked the 300 SL as the number 5 sports car of all time.

If you are in for the Mercedes-Benz history and Legacy, well this is the perfect one for you! Thinking about this car’s achievements in the car industry simply astonishing.

There are two choices for this model, the 1:24 and the 1:36 model

A video for your reference of this Iconic car

Mercedes-Benz SLKMercedes Benz SLK

  • Car Model: Mercedes-Benz SLK
  • Size: 6.8 x 3.3 x 1.9 inches
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs
  • Model Produced by: Maisto
  • Model Number: 31206
  • Reason to Buy: Design
  • Scale: 1:24

Mercedes-Benz SLK is a plan of Mercedes that came to action, They want to make a car that is sportlich (sporty), leicht (light) und kurz (short) thus, SLK is formed. This has a lot of variants but it all started in 1999. Currently, Mercedes-Benz SLK has improved a lot, design, engine, gearbox and many more. This is a symbol of Mercedes always pursuing quality over everything else.

If you are looking for Mercedes’ symbol of continuous improvement, this is a great choice for you! This car is a great addition to your collection

Video Reference

Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG

  • Car Model: Mercedes-Benz SL65
  • Size: 7.25 x 2.75 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Model Produced by: Bburago
  • Reason to Buy: Quality, Design
  • Scale: 1:24

This car is one of the product of the late generation of the SL series. SL series is one of the longest running series of Mercedes-Benz with a lot of improvement or upgrades in every generation. The SL65’s achievement is in its 5 speed gear box which is said to be 25% quicker and also a 6.2L V8 engine capable of producing 518hp on 6800 RPM.

If you are looking for a model that is a product of continuous improvement, one of the car series that withstood the test of time through continuous upgrades, this is an amazing choice for you.

Video Reference:

Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG

  • Car Model: Mercedes-Benz SL AMG
  • Size: 10.5 x 5 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 1.23 pounds
  • Model Produced By: Maisto
  • Model Number: 31503RD
  • Reason to Buy: Quality, Design
  • Scale: 1:24

This car is one of the product of the late generation of the SL series. This could also be a great choice if you are looking for an alternative. You can see how modern and great it looks. It has a 5.4L V8 engine which can produce 577hp at 5,500RPM capable for going from 0-100km/h in just 3.7 seconds. This is a variant if you want, check it out here.

Video for your reference, check the sound 😛

Mercedes-Benz G-Class G63 G63

  • Car Model: Mercedes-Benz G63
  • Size: 4.9 x 2 x 2 Inches
  • Model Produced By: KMT
  • Reason to Buy: Unique and Sturdy Design , Power
  • Scale: 1:32

The Mercedes-Benz G class is a group of vehicles made by Mercedes that is a mid sized automobile. It is a group cross-country type 4 wheel drive vehicles. Characterized by their box style construction, the G-Class is still in production and is one of the longest produced Mercedes-Benz with a span of 35 years.

The G class vehicles was originally suggested for the use of the military hence, their strong boxframe style and was introduced in the US only in 2002. In spite of this, The G series became increasingly popular these days.

This vehicle, despite being box type can produce 438 BHP and sent the G63 from 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds with its 6.3L V12 engine.

If you want a truly a powerful type of car with a bit of a military history. This model is the best for you, Try it! This is a unique addition to your collection.

There are actually 3 choices for this car, 1:24and 1:43

Video Reference for You

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

  • Car Model: Mercedes-Benz AMG GT
  • Size: 5 x 2 x 1.25 inch
  • Weight: 0.25lbs
  • Model Produced By: Kinsmart
  • Reason to Buy: Design
  • Scale: 1:36

The Mercedes-AMG GT is a two-door, two-seat sports car produced in coupé and roadster form by Mercedes-AMG. It was first seen in the Paris motor show on 2014. It is also the second sports car developed entirely by Mercedes-AMG. Mercedes GT can produce a power of 456hp with a 7 speed transmission gear shift packed in a 4.0L v8 engine and can reach a top speed of 193mph.

This is the first and a lot of variants were made into this model such as the GT-S, GT-R and the GT-C. We have a model of the GT-R which is made for racing in the 1:18 article, you may view it too. I promise that it looks superb!

You can check the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT in here.

Video Reference for you

Mercedes Benz

]Mercedes-Benz, known for their slogan “The Best or Nothing” and their iconic logo, is a vehicle brand known for their luxury cars, bus and coaches. This company can be first traced with Karl Benz‘s creation of the first petrol powered car which was first marketed on 1901. However, its vehicle production started on 1926 where they introduced what they call as the “Horseless” automobiles. Since its start, Mercedes has maintained its reputation of quality and durability. Which is why even up to now, they are still known to us, and we sure want to put a display of their model car in our own home and be proud of their history.

I understand that choosing the right model for you is truly hard. Here are the Best Mercedes Diecast Model Cars I’ve carefully picked because there are just too many models out there, that It is really hard to choose which one to buy. Mercedes is a symbol of quality and excellence, that’s why whenever we see Mercedes-Benz cars on the road, we all seem to look in awe in how deep this name has gotten in our hearts. The emotion it gives when we just see the logo. A symbol of luxury, quality and durability.

Why Buy a Mercedes-Benz Diecast Model

Whether it is for display or collection purpose, we buy Mercedes-Benz diecast models because of its symbol of the luxury, quality and durability that it brings to our lives. We want to be a part of its remarkable history. When we just hear the word “A Mercedes-Benz car”, we just cannot control ourselves and want to be amazed by its design, quality and excellence! The joy it always gives us as we see how awesome those cars are, from our childhood until now. This symbol is what makes us filled with amazement as we see them just because we truly love them that much.

How to Buy

I know that there are tons of criteria not just on the Mercedes Benz model itself, there are also a lot of things to consider inside the models available. Mercedes Benz has a lot of varieties to offer and you really want to choose which one is the right one for you, and I am sure that you are excited to have one.

We just can’t choose which one is right for us to buy in a certain circumstance. I understand how excited you are to choose a good model for you, but you don’t want to make a mistake. So this article was made for that and I hope that it could help you out in your decision, because I certainly understand that choosing which one to buy is a very complicated task to do.

To help you, I have placed here some considerations you need to keep in mind in buying a model and we will be discussing them as I show you my picks below. Feel free to also use them in choosing.

We need to consider the following in buying one.

Here are the considerations for you to have a great pick:

Here are some considerations I have used in carefully choosing the models that is listed below. Feel free to use them for you convenience. This will surely make choosing the right model for you a lot easier. If you have troubles in using them, do not worry, because I will explain in each of the models below why they are part of this list. I am so excited for you to make a great and informed choice!

  • Quality – We always choose die-cast models because they are made with non-alloy metals. These metals will bring great tensile strength and will ensure that what you are buying will last a long or even a lifetime with proper care. In addition, take note that old diecast models are considered collectibles, and you can sell them in the future for larger and reasonable price. If you are here for investments in the future, then this is a great choice to consider.
  • Design – The car’s design for itself. Is it the design that you think is very beautifully made? This is actually one of the most important aspect for some people in buying a diecast model for display purpose. Well, most people buy models because of its design so it is one of the factors in the decision-making process.
  • Reality – We need the model to be as life-like as possible, exactly the same designs as the real ones. That is the reason we get models right?
  • Name – Did it made an impact in the car industry? Is it named for someone important? We also need to check them out. Did the car engraved something in history? This is also important in our decision-making process in choosing the right model for us.
  • History – the history of the car itself, did it have any significant impact in the car industry? or did the car made a huge impact of the company’s history? Is it the first one with a specific engine, or the first in-line with a successful series of cars? These things are difficult to forgo in buying because these cars are just amazing
  • Emotion – Is it the car that you have an emotional attachment with? You just want to get one too because of an emotional attachment. It is normal and you can’t deny it. You want to have it so bad and you can’t wait to display it in your home. Maybe you really want to have that ever since you are a child, or a gift to someone very dear to you that keeps on saying “Mercedes Benz” or “Cars” on conversations. In buying, emotion is actually one of the forgotten factors in buying a diecast model.
  • Achievements – If a car won an award or won a race, any special mention of these cars will greatly ease our minds in choosing since we know that not just us, but other people also like them.

I have put all of these into consideration into mind and I am proud to introduce our top picks on the best Mercedes Benz car models that you may choose from.


Whatever it is you choose. Be proud of your decision. All the choices above are absolutely the best picks and I am definitely sure that you will not regret it. You will definitely be happy as you place it into display or as a collection in your home.

All of these are absolutely the best picks that I have carefully chosen and are amazing in each of their own way and I know that one of them will surely be the perfect one for you, depending on your preferences.

Do not also forget that you can go back to my website anytime, and check out other models in case you want to add something new to your awesome collection. You should definitely bookmark this website, so you can find this website fast because you know that there are a lot of websites in the ocean of the world wide web.

I recommend you to browse for more soon. We definitely have a lot of information to offer you in the diecast model industry, we are 100% sure that you will come back for more.

In case, you want to check out other diecast models, feel free to browse my website and I promise you that I will update my list every time to give you the most up to date and available diecast models in the market.

In addition, if you have further comments, suggestion or anything related to this website to make it better, and If you want me to make more of these types of articles. Feel free to drop down a comment below and I will surely help in any way I can.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope it helped you in choosing which Mercedes Benz car model is right for you.

Have a wonderful day,


The Diecast Model


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  • Mercedes-Benz AMG-GT


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