Which Car Model Brand is the Best?

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If you are a Diecast cars collector, this question at one point may have come across your mind. While there is no direct answer to the question, we all have different preferences and tastes as far as model brand cars are concerned.

The best car model brand depends on your preferences. If you are looking for the one with the highest quality model kit, then Tamiya is a good choice. If you’re looking for attention to detail to the car models, then AutoArt. Sun star for elegance and detail.

In this article, you’ll get to learn about the top best car models brands in the market today. Out of these brands, you can then pick which your best cars model brand is considering as earlier said everyone as its preference.

What is a model car?

A model car is the type of car with a miniature portrayal. Model cars can be made with different materials. Some are made with metals which are usually called diecasts, but there are also plastic models. Model cars are usually used as a toy, or as a collection.

Vans and buses are recognized as model diecast cars. The design of the miniature cars usually targets children and collectors, and these cars were meant to be toys. The latter makes it hard to distinguish the difference between the model car brand and a toy car.

The Diecast Model First Promotion Video

Nevertheless, the reference of these cars as a model and not toys indicates that the brand is a true reflection of the specific car brand. But the model will be on a smaller scale.

The model cars or diecast production started way back in 1950, and most children were interested in buying them. However, in 1970, the adult started a collection of these diecast cars.

Today, the collection of these diecast cars has been on the rise and focuses more on 19th-century cars. These cars are different from the ones being produced today. The 19the century model cars feature excellent design and precision.

If you are interested in model cars as a form of investment that others prefer, then I recommend you to check out my guide on why do diecast models increase in value. In there I will explain the things you need to look out for when you decide to get a model yourself: Do diecast cars increase in value?

The best model car brands on the market

The following are the best car model brands in the market today. We have not exhausted the list. We have chosen the best 5 model car brands for you in this article.

1. Sun Star

Sun Star is a model car brand dedicated to manufacturing high-quality diecast cars worthy of car collectors. There are several sun star model cars in the market today.

Sun star cars are manufactured in different scales, which distinguishes them from the leading car companies. Sun start model cars are elegant and detailed, which makes them worthy for collectors.

2. TSM Model

True Scale Miniatures brand was founded in 2006. The brand released its first model car into the market in 2007. The brand model cars feature scale reproductions of Garage Essential. There is an emphasis on the manufacturing of cars inspired by the iconic cars in Formula 1 and other sports car racing.

TSM Company started the manufacturing of diecast cars in 2008, where it first manufactured 1:18 scale miniature. The TSM diecast cars are manufactured with their doors open, rotating windshield, and the tail area. It is a detailed model car.

3. Yatming

Yatming car brands are well-crafted model cars that are irresistible. The brand has manufactured its diecast cars for habitual collectors. They are ideal brands for collection as they meet all the qualities of diecast cars out there in the market.

Yatming model cars are far beyond toy cars. They are extravagant cars to display on your cupboard. They look precious, and it is projected that Yatming cars will be worth a lot of money for some years.

Yatming model cars scale ranges between 1:24 and 1:43, and diecast fire motors scale is 1:18 and 1:24 scale model autos. The diecast cars feature American and European subjects.

Currently, there are two famous Yatming cars, the Presidential Limousines, and fire motors. They are worthy model cars for the collector.

4. Revell

Revell is a well-known American and German automobile manufacturer. Revell has been dedicated to designing and regularly delivering the first plastics model vehicles for nearly six decades. Their models are very detailed, and they are available in both 1:14 and 1:18 scales.

Revell has a brilliant idea for model makers of all types. For the most juvenile specialists of pre-school age, easily built automobile model packs are the best option.

Junior Kits have also been specially designed to meet the needs of children. They can gain the first-hand experience in model creation and fine-tune their engine skills using these models.

The company also has self-assurance that they like to reinforce and reinvent. The colorful model vehicles they’ve made are simple to put together and maybe taken apart if necessary. They’re practical and durable, and interacting with coordinating personalities is becoming increasingly enjoyable.

5. Hot Wheels

Hot Wheel is a brand of model cars created by Mattel, an American toy company, in 1968. Hot Wheels was Matchbox’s major competition until Mattel bought the firm that owned Matchbox in 1997.

Several car manufacturers have now given Hot Wheels permission to construct scale versions of their vehicles, allowing them to use unique structure designs and specifications. They were able to make diecast models that run efficiently and at high speeds as a result.

The model automobiles were originally intended for children and teenagers, and they have risen in popularity among adults, for whom limited release models are now available.

Foundation, Elite, and Super Elite are the three brands of 1:18 scale models produced by Mattel. At the Foundation and Elite tiers, 1:43 size model automobiles are also available.

In addition, the model firm designed a separate car racing track set that was marketed separately. The use of large, hard-plastic tires by Hot Wheels, which caused far less erosion and ran more smoothly than the limited metal or plastic wheels used by modern Matchboxes, was a key factor.

Who Makes the Highest Quality Model Kits?

Tamiya is the best model car brand which makes the Highest Quality Model Kits. The reason for this is because they gave much attention and engineering to their model kits. Making the models very realistic. Furthermore, their models are very easy to build.

Tamiya’s quality is top-notch that their models are nearly identical to the real thing.

In fact, some people also call the Tamiya model’s quality “Museum Items” because of its great attention to detail.

Furthermore, their models are very easy to build with clear instructions and everything you need to build the model is inside the kit.

What’s more, is that they are not just making car kits, they also have others such as planes, ships, motorcycles, and tank models.

Who Makes the Most Detailed Diecast Cars?

AutoArt usually makes the Most Detailed Diecast Cars. In fact, not only does the body of the car look so detailed, but it also is so detailed that even the car’s motor looks very realistic. Furthermore, even the interior of the cars such as the seat, dashboard, and others look very true to life.

Most of the diecast AutoArt cars scale is 1:18. They also make slot vehicles in 1:12, 1:43, and 1:64 scales, and also 1:24 and 1:32.

AutoArt features an online diecast collectors club and sells a variety of car-related accessories. Carry-on Items: It mostly sells current model cars, as well as some racing cars.

That is why most collectors love AutoArt because of its great attention to detail.

If you are interested in car model scales, then I recommend you read another article where I explained the scales in greater detail: What is the most popular diecast scale?

Who makes the Best Plastic Model Cars?

Tamiya is the best model car brand that makes the Best Plastic Model Cars. The reason for this is their great attention to detail that the models look very realistic. Furthermore, their kits are very easy to build and design. That’s the reason why they are the best when it comes to plastic models.

While Tamiya is still excellent, it has run out of new 1/35 options, and the prices are often fairly high. Nonetheless, they work well together and pay close attention to detail thus, you get the quality for its price.

Not only that, they are also very easy to build.

Only the things I love”

So, here are the things I love when taking care of my Diecast Models.

Cleaning the Models

The first we are going to talk about is cleaning the models.

Removing Dust

  1. Air Brush – For me the is the best since it not just removes dust but you can use it in painting/clear coating.
  2. Air Duster – This is a good alternative to Airbrush
  3. Normal Brush – If you are short on budget, you can use a normal brush. However, make sure that the brush has soft bristles bacause there are some hard brush than can cause scratches. That’s why I recommended a good brush that can do the job properly.

Cleaning and Shining Hacks

Well, here are some of my cleaning hacks for removing scratches, oxidation, and so much more.

  1. Removing Decal Adhesive – Use Goo Gone on those hard to remove decal adhesives. It works fast and works like charm!
  2. Waxing and Polishing – Here is the something a lot of people don’t know. A wax protects the clear coat and paint while polishing shines the model. Instead of buying it separately, use a 2 in 1 to save money. Get this instead.
  3. Beginner Wax – The wax I recommended earlier is good and provides the best results based on my experience. But a beginner might have a problem especially if they’re not good at applying wax. Solid wax reaching hard to reach surface can he hard to remove. You have two choices here. One is to use a qtips to reach those surfaces, another is to use a liquid wax I recommended.
  4. Cleaning Wheels, Rubber, Plastic – Do not forget that rubber and plastic surface are quite different especially on the cleaning process. Just wiping it down won’t do the job. That’s why I use the Meguiar’s Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner and Conditioner. Works like charm!
  5. Make the Wheels Shine! – Making our models look good won’t be complete without tiny details such as shiny wheels! Do not forget this because however small this is, the difference can be as big as night and day.
  6. Remove Scratches Easily – Tiny scratches are not the end for your model. Here is a simple trick I’ve been using to make my models look scratch free even without repainting. Use T-Cut.

Painting the Models

Painting Tools

Make sure when you paint models, have these ready.

  1. Tape – A tape is important if you are painting a straight line. Furthermore, it will prevent you paint to scatter on other parts. I recommend Tamiya Tape since it is really made for models. Furthermore, they stick really well preventing paint splatters.
  2. Brush (Beginner) – Find a good set of brush to paint your models. Of course you can opt for an airbrush but it’s quite expensive.
  3. Airbrush (Intermediate/Expert) – This will yield a significantly better result than ordinary brush because you can easily spray the paint evenly. I recommend this if you know what you’re doing.
  4. Stand(Optional) – Stands are good because it can be hard to manually hold the models while painting. It is optional but in my opinion, the price is well worth it for the comfort it gives.
  5. Drop Cloths – Drop Cloths will protect your surroundings to the paint.
  6. Primer – The most common beginner mistake I see is painting models without any Primer. A primer will prevent imperfections such as bubbles or paint not sticking to your models. It is a small price to pay for quality results.
  7. Clear Coat – A clear coat will protect the paint of your models. This will make the paint last longer. Also, it is the one responsible for making your models shine.


Of course, you can’t do painting properly without paint. So here are the ones I recommend.

  1. Acrylic PaintGood for beginners because it dries quickly. However, it doesn’t produce results as good as enamel paint.
  2. Enamel PaintProvides good quality finish and longer lasting paint. However, it takes long to dry and requires expertise to use.

Model Maintenance

Model Storage

  1. Simple Wood Cabinet – While it doesn’t let you display your models, wooden cabinets are a good storage for these models. For one, they are not heat conductors which means that the temperature inside will remain constant and remail cool. Furthermore, they prevent light reaching the models which can cause oxidation.
  2. Clear Cabinet with Lock – If you want to display your models, then I recommend this. It closes so dusts won’t easily get to your models. I also recommend you to don’t put more than 1 model in each compartment since metals are good conductors of heat.

Model Photography

So you want to show off your models to others? Well, I got you covered.

Here is my beginner-friendly model photography tutorial that teaches everything from taking pictures to the editing process.

You will also see me doing hands-on photography on that tutorial.

Here is the link: How to Take Pictures of a Diecast Model or Model Kit | Helpful Illustrated and Video Guide

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