Selling Your Diecast Collection: Where and How

Like any other collector, you may want to sell some of your collections to make room for newer ones, or you may simply want to share the joy of owning a diecast model with other aspiring collectors. The problem is that there are also scams floating around. Especially if you don’t know where to sell or how to sell your diecast collection.

In selling your diecast collection, you first need to know the reputable places where you can sell your model. Selling on unreputable websites or areas may result in fraud. Furthermore, you need to know how to value your cars so you can sell them at the right price.

So, before you make a decision, you need to learn about where you can sell your precious collection, how much you want for the collection, and how you can sell them. This blog post will serve here as your guide so that you don’t have to fall victim to scammers.

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Where can you sell your diecast car collection?

There are many places you can sell your diecast collection. Some famous marketplaces for diecast collections are eBay, Quality Diecast Toys, Vintage Cash Cow, and DNR Collectibles. You can also try selling them at conventions or tradeshows where you would meet other collectors.

I will discuss each one of them in greater detail below.

1. eBay

Auctions are one of the oldest methods of selling valuable property.

And, there is no more effective way to reach a global audience than through the world’s largest online auction platform, “eBay.”

Sellers can create their own online store on eBay and list their products for sale to potential buyers.

List the item on the site with some photos attached and assign a price and shipping options.

Buyers can bid on the item or simply click “Buy it Now.”

The buyer pays you either through eBay’s payment platform or PayPal. It’s free to upload a product for sale, but eBay charges a small fee for each sale, so you have to be strategic with your price.

Note: In my opinion, eBay is easy and a good marketplace for models but be aware of the Bait and Switch strategy of other sellers. Make sure to always check your bid when selling.

Check eBay Website here: eBay Website

2. QDT- Quality Diecast Toys

QDT is a professional diecast toy buying and selling company that has been in business since 1984 and has total annual revenue of £1,000,000 from all of its collections.

Avail their service in two ways:

  • Sell your collections through them; in this feature, diecast models can be sold on QDT’s platform for an affordable commission of 22.5 percent of the sale price with no hidden fees. After you upload your product, they will continue to assist you in marketing it, until it is sold.
  • Sell your Collections to them; QDT here recommends selling directly to them if you’re not interested in this lengthy process. Just sign up on their website and send a picture, description of your diecast model, and price via email. If your item(s) meets their quality standards and specifications, they will respond within 48 hours, expressing their interest.

Check QDT Website Here: QDT Website

I also recommend you to read this article before trying to sell your diecast models. Here is the link: Do diecast cars increase in value?

3. Vintage Cash Cow

Vintage Cash Cow specializes in various vintage items like chairs, plates, combs, cameras, clocks, and diecast models.

Basically, as long as the item is Vintage, they will buy it from you even if it is broken.

Diecast cars lose a lot of value when damaged, so this is the perfect place to trade them.

Fill out the fields on their site after you log in and you’re ready to go. Simply mail your diecast model to their office, where an expert will evaluate it and give you a price.

After a price is agreed upon, they will send you the money or wire you on the same day the transaction is completed. It’s quick, easy, and straightforward.

Check Vintage Cash Cow Website here: Vintage Cash Cow

An example of good vintage car models is Franklin Mint Models, you can find more information about Franklin Mint Models here: Are Franklin Mint Cars Worth it?

4. DNR Collectibles

DNR Collectibles is also a professional dealer in the buying and selling of vintage items such as toys, hot wheels, Barbie dolls, action figures, and pressed steel toys.

In their more than 50 years of business expertise, they’ve always been successful at making their consumers smile after every transaction they’ve completed with them.

If you’re interested in selling a large number of your collections, visit their website and begin the selling process.

After providing the information necessary, you will receive an email detailing their interest in your collection.

They travel 200-300 miles for an average collection from their main office in Enola, PA.

If your collection is vast and/or valuable, they will travel much further to pick it up.

Check DNR Collectibles here: DNR Collectibles

5. Conventions and Trade Shows

A trade fair is the better option if you’re concerned about selling your most precious things on the internet.

As a collector, trade shows are a great way to meet other collectors who share your passion. Your best bet for making the most sales is to attend the Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention or the Matchbox Collectors International Gathering of Friends.

Have something worthwhile to purchase. If what you’re selling isn’t worth the travel and booth setup, there’s no reason to go in the first place.

Be interactive and carry your best sales image for the rest of the show.

As long as you set up an eye-catching booth with a lot of unique models, you’re bound to meet some enthusiastic collectors looking to add more unique models to their own collections.

How do you sell your diecast car collection?

How do I sell my diecast car collection? In selling a diecast car collection, it is important to first find out where do you want to sell it. If you want to sell it over the internet, then you can use eBay, QDT, or Vintage Cash Cow. If you want to sell in person, then you can go to conventions or renting a table at a toy fair. Also, you need to know how valuable your collection is.

Consider selling the models yourself if you have a large collection and the time to devote to it.

Your most time-consuming option may also be the most financially lucrative.

You might also want to consider renting a table at a toy fair. This will most likely need multiple visits to a variety of toy fairs over a long time to sell most of the collection.

Also, consider the amount of time involved, travel expenses, table costs, and the number of models that may go unsold when making your decision.

You might also try to sell the models on an online auction site.

Once again, this is likely to be time-consuming and costly. When selling costs are averaged out, they can be in the range of 15% to 20% of total sales.

Packing materials, shipping, insurance, damages, claims, returns, unpaid invoices, and unsold items must all be considered.

In addition to markets and car boot sales, alternative online platforms should also be considered. These options can also take a lot of time and money, and there is no guarantee that they will always result in a successful sale.

Factors affecting Diecast Car Value

Many factors affect the worth of diecast cars, as with all collectibles. That’s why it’s important to have a basic understanding of them before you decide to sell them.

  • Manufacturer: High-quality, intricately detailed cars are typically more expensive in the first place, and their value increases as they age.
  • Rarity: Diecast models produced in limited quantities are obviously the most desirable.
  • Year of production: Older diecast cars are usually more difficult to find and have a higher value, especially when in perfect condition.
  • Scale: 1/64, 1/24, and 1/18 are the most popular scales for diecast model cars, though most diecast model car collectors focus on the 1/24 scale.

In the end, the value of a diecast model car depends on what someone is willing to pay – and an auction is often the best way to maximize your profits.


It doesn’t matter what platform or method you choose; confirm their authenticity before entrusting them with your collections. This is simply to ensure that everything goes as planned.

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So, here are the things I love when taking care of my Diecast Models.

Cleaning the Models

The first we are going to talk about is cleaning the models.

Removing Dust

  1. Air Brush – For me, this is the best since it not just removes dust but you can use it in painting/clear coating.
  2. Air Duster – This is a good alternative to Airbrush
  3. Normal Brush – If you are short on budget, you can use a normal brush. However, make sure that the brush has soft bristles because there are some hard brushes than can cause scratches. That’s why I recommended a good brush that can do the job properly.

Cleaning and Shining Hacks

Well, here are some of my cleaning hacks for removing scratches, oxidation, and so much more.

  1. Removing Decal Adhesive – Use Goo Gone on those hard-to-remove decal adhesives. It works fast and works like charm!
  2. Waxing and Polishing – Here is something a lot of people don’t know. Waxing protects the clear coat and paint while polishing shines the model. Instead of buying it separately, use a 2 in 1 to save money. Get this instead.
  3. Beginner Wax – The wax I recommended earlier is good and provides the best results based on my experience. But a beginner might have a problem especially if they’re not good at applying wax. Solid wax reaching hard to reach surface can be hard to remove. You have two choices here. One is to use a qtips to reach those surfaces, another is to use a liquid wax I recommended.
  4. Cleaning Wheels, Rubber, Plastic – Do not forget that rubber and plastic surface are quite different, especially in the cleaning process. Just wiping it down won’t do the job. That’s why I use Meguiar’s Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner and Conditioner. Works like charm!
  5. Make the Wheels Shine! – Making our models look good won’t be complete without tiny details such as shiny wheels! Do not forget this because however small this is, the difference can be as big as night and day.
  6. Remove Scratches Easily – Tiny scratches are not the end for your model. Here is a simple trick I’ve been using to make my models look scratch-free even without repainting. Use T-Cut.

Painting the Models

Painting Tools

Make sure when you paint models, have these ready.

  1. Tape – A tape is important if you are painting a straight line. Furthermore, it will prevent your paint to scatter on other parts. I recommend Tamiya Tape since it is really made for models. Furthermore, they stick really well preventing paint splatters.
  2. Brush (Beginner) – Find a good set of brushes to paint your models. Of course, you can opt for an airbrush but it’s quite expensive.
  3. Airbrush (Intermediate/Expert) – This will yield a significantly better result than an ordinary brush because you can easily spray the paint evenly. I recommend this if you know what you’re doing.
  4. Stand(Optional) – Stands are good because it can be hard to manually hold the models while painting. It is optional but in my opinion, the price is well worth it for the comfort it gives.
  5. Drop Cloths – Drop Cloths will protect your surroundings from the paint.
  6. Primer – The most common beginner mistake I see is painting models without any Primer. A primer will prevent imperfections such as bubbles or paint not sticking to your models. It is a small price to pay for quality results.
  7. Clear Coat – A clear coat will protect the paint of your models. This will make the paint last longer. Also, it is the one responsible for making your models shine.


Of course, you can’t do painting properly without paint. So here are the ones I recommend.

  1. Acrylic PaintGood for beginners because it dries quickly. However, it doesn’t produce results as good as enamel paint.
  2. Enamel PaintProvides a good quality finish and longer-lasting paint. However, it takes longer to dry and requires expertise to use.

Model Maintenance

Model Storage

  1. Simple Wood Cabinet – While it doesn’t let you display your models, wooden cabinets are good storage for these models. For one, they are not heat conductors which means that the temperature inside will remain constant and remain cool. Furthermore, they prevent light from reaching the models which can cause oxidation.
  2. Clear Cabinet with Lock – If you want to display your models, then I recommend this. It closes so dust won’t easily get to your models. I also recommend you don’t put more than 1 model in each compartment since metals are good conductors of heat.

Model Photography

So you want to show off your models to others? Well, I got you covered.

Here is my beginner-friendly model photography tutorial that teaches everything from taking pictures to the editing process.

You will also see me doing hands-on photography in that tutorial.

Here is the link: How to Take Pictures of a Diecast Model or Model Kit | Helpful Illustrated and Video Guide


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